About the Woodworking Tool Review

Most woodworkers get their start with hand-me-down tools and a bit of knowledge passed on from the previous generation. When it comes time to replace or upgrade a worn-down table saw or broken jointer, the number of choices and constantly shifting technology can make it hard to decide which tool is the right buy.

The Woodworking Tool Review provides honest opinions on workshop tools and accessories. Reviewed by woodworkers for woodworkers, WTR knows outfitting a workshop is as much about the right tool as it is the right price. The Woodworking Tool Review seeks to fill the gap that exists when it comes to quality information and reliable opinions on these expensive yet essential tools for the wood shop.

The review process begins with thorough and extensive research into the tool and its manufacturer. It is only complete after an in-depth examination of product features and components. But these elements are not considered in a vacuum. Care and detail are put into determining how a product will operate during real world usage. Minor problems that might otherwise be overlooked are given closer attention as they may present long term frustrations.

Each tool is also weighed against its manufacturer’s product line as well as competing products on the market. Reviews are undertaken with a knowledge of woodworking techniques and practices in addition to a familiarity with each tool’s function and purpose in the wood shop.

Not every woodworker is a veteran of the craft, so this website seeks to provide information that will be useful to those of all skill levels. As best as possible, it is made clear what class of woodworker (hobbyist, home shop, tradesman, professional) would best benefit from the tool in question.

The hope is to provide the reader with the knowledge they need to be an informed buyer. We encourage those that own or do purchase the tools reviewed here to submit their own opinions and ratings to provide further insight into what is often a milestone purchase.