Shop Fox W1819 Review – One Rock-Solid 10-inch Table Saw

When a woodworker begins to outgrow the attractively priced hybrid table saw category, the Shop Fox W1819 will likely be among the first to garner consideration. We can’t argue against it. Shop Fox’s cabinet saw isn’t all that huge a jump up in price from the more full-featured hybrid units (and even some contractor saws like SawStop’s CNS175 SFA30). It boasts rock-solid construction in combination with advanced safety features, pure cutting power, and smooth, accurate adjustments. We’ll cover it all in our Shop Fox W1819 review.


Before we jump into our opinions on the Shop Fox W1819, an overview of the important specs is found below. In the following sections we will get into how these specs translate into the real world, including build quality, cutting power, and more.

  • 10-inch max blade diameter
  • 5/8-inch arbor size
  • 4300 RPM arbor speed
  • 13/16-inch max dado width
  • Left-tilt blade; 45 degree max tilt
  • 3 1/8-inch max depth of cut @ 90 degrees
  • 2 3/16-inch max depth of cut @ 45 degrees
  • 29 1/2-inch max rip right of blade; 13 1/2 inches left of blade

  • 3HP, single-phase TEFC capacitor-start induction motor
  • 230V, single-phase @ 60Hz required power
  • 20A minimum circuit size
  • 3450 RPM
  • Triple V-belt drive
  • Magnetic switch with overload protection

  • 62 x 45‐1/2 x 40 inches
  • 22 1/4 x 20-inch footprint
  • 507 pounds
  • 34-inch table height
  • 53 3/8-inch table width including extension wings
  • 27-inch table depth
  • 1 7/8-inch table thickness

  • Camlock T-shape fence with HDPE face
  • 39 5/16-inch length
  • 3 7/8-inch width
  • 2 1/2-inch height
  • 62-inch guide rail length
  • Square steel tube guide rail
  • 3/4 x 3/8-inch T-slot miter slot

  • 10-inch, 40T blade included
  • 0.100-inch riving knife and spreader thickness
  • 0.071–0.094-inch required blade body thickness
  • 0.102–0.126 required blade kerf thickness

  • 4-inch dust collection port

Build Quality

If there is one area where Shop Fox wasn’t fooling around, it’s the quality that went into the W1819’s build. Maybe we should expect this of any cabinet saw in the same class as Shop Fox’s offering. That’s not always the case as more and more companies rely on off-site manufacturing and quality control for even top-of-the-line models.

This is one heavy saw (507 pounds) thanks to solid cast iron and steel construction. The table, extension wings, and trunnions are all cast iron, while the cabinet and fence assembly are steel. Powder coating adds a layer of durability to the saw’s cabinet, so this saw will keep its good looks for years to come.

There are a couple sticking points. Literally. The heavy cast handwheels provide firm control of height and tilt, if not a bit too firm. The wheels can be a bit tight and require some force to move the blade into position. Shop Fox customer service has suggested to users experiencing this issue that a retention nut adjustment on the height adjustment shaft can eliminate this problem. These users report mixed results.

Table Top

A solid and smooth cutting surface is one of the highlights of the Shop Fox W1819. The cast iron extension wings expand cutting area with a 13 1/4-inch extension table providing further surface area. This steel table when removed opens up the perfect spot to add a router table if limited for shop space.

Another area where we might have preferred Shop Fox go a different direction was the choice to wrap the cast iron table edges with laminate, an option that could see some peeling down the road. Paint to seal the edges would have been just as effective and perhaps more durable (or at least easily repaired).


As for assembly, expect it to take at least a couple of hours. Shop Fox calls this a two-person job, but one industrious person can manage. The weight of the saw could pose some issues here. The Shop Fox W1819 manual provides straight-forward instructions with illustrations to guide in-shop assembly.

Like any table saw, the Shop Fox W1819 comes adjusted from the factory. However, before cutting into an expensive piece of stock checking blade and fence alignment is important. Reports we have read are mostly positive in terms of factory setup. Adjustments were generally within acceptable tolerances out of the box.

Cutting Power

Shop Fox W1819 Motor

The Shop Fox W1819’s 3HP single-phase induction motor provides plenty of oomph for ripping through the hardest of hardwoods. Softer species like pine and poplar will glide through the blade like butter, while harder woods like maple and some of the more exotic lumbers see just as clean a rip. Most will agree that a 3HP cabinet saw can handle pretty much whatever you throw at it. A saw of this caliber is only surpassed by a 5HP saw in production settings where high feed rates are desirable.

If purchased for a shop not wired for tools requiring a 230V power supply, it’s worth noting that the properly rated line and outlet will need to be installed to use this saw. While this may equal additional expense, many professional woodworking tools require such a circuit. At least one 220/240V outlet in the wood shop benefits any woodworker in the long run.

Included Blade and Replacement Options

3HP is great for a saw of this class, but all the horsepower in the world might not matter much with a dull or underperforming blade. As is the case with most table saws, the W1819’s included blade leaves more than a little to be desired. A general purpose 10-inch, 40-tooth full kerf blade ships with the saw. It is adequate but nothing to write home about. We recommend replacing it with a high quality blade like the Freud LU84R011 or Forrest Woodworker II. It’s always worth the extra money to acquire a worthwhile blade. We stuck with the original blade for the purposes of this Shop Fox W1819 review.

When considering replacement saw blades for the Shop Fox W1819, full kerf is a must. Thin kerf blades are most useful on lower-powered saws, where less resistance produced by a thinner kerf put less strain on the motor. With 3HP pushing the blade on this Shop Fox cabinet saw, that should never be an issue. More importantly, a thin kerf blade will not align properly with the riving knife and splitter of the W1819, creating binding issues and, ultimately, a safety hazard.

A nice bonus with the Shop Fox W1819 is the inclusion of both standard and dado inserts for the table top. Many will want to create custom, zero-clearance inserts to match their blade, but it’s nice to know the saw is ready for dado work without the need to purchase additional accessories.

Rip Fence Accuracy and Adjustments

A camlock T-style fence offers quick adjustments and accurate cuts. Its HDPE (high-density polyethylene) faces give boards a slick surface to slide against as they pass over the saw’s table. The fence glides over its heavy steel rail on UMHW pads, giving an effortless touch to an otherwise hefty assembly. 62 inches of maneuverability equates to just shy of 30 inches right of the blade.

Shop Fox W1819 Camlock T-Fence

The T-style fence is reminiscent of the classic Biesemeyer but is constructed with ease of adjustment in mind. Four readily accessible 6mm set screws are all that are needed to set the fence face parallel to the saw blade and square to the table top. Further, the fence scale can be set to either the left or right of the fence body during initial assembly (this decision will affect where the adhesive tape measurer is placed). The right side is recommended so as not to obscure the scale when a workpiece is passed over it.

The fence when adjusted to within recommended tolerances easily produces accurate, repeatable cuts. We did notice that the face tends to dip in slightly where the bolts attach it to the body of the fence, but not enough to affect cut quality.

Miter Gauge and Miter Fence

The Shop Fox W1819’s miter gauge is made of solid cast iron and rides in an industry-standard miter slot measuring 3/4-inch in width by 3/8-inch in depth. It’s a sturdy and well-sized gauge, but the rail could fit a bit more snugly. Set screws located on the side of the rail allow for adjustments. This makes the small bit of play workable. We’ve heard differing reports, however, in our research on the W1819; the miter gauge might not present problems in all cases (or users might be unaware of possible adjustments).

Shop Fox W1819 Mitre Guage and Mitre Fence

One highlight of the miter gauge is the inclusion of a miter fence complete with built in flip stop. This allows the gauge to accommodate larger stock when making miter cuts. It also spares the user the need to construct such a fence from scratch. With an adjustable flip stop for improved accuracy and easy set up of repeatable cuts, the fence adds a lot of value to an otherwise average miter gauge.

That these are T-slot miter slots in the table top also improves the versatility of the machine. The saw can employ T-bolt cutting aids beyond the standard 3/4-inch by 3/8-inch miter accessories.

Safety Features and Dust Collection

Safety is a priority in any wood shop, and the Shop Fox W1819 utilizes a combination of safety features to allow the user to focus on their craft worry free. We must state, though, that no safety feature is a 100% replacement for exercising care and caution around a tool like this.

Blade Guard and Riving Knife

Shop Fox W1819 Splitter and Riving Knife

That being said, the W1819 includes both a polycarbonate blade guard with attached splitter and a separate riving knife. The riving blade is excellent for operations where the blade guard might get in the way. The guard’s thoughtful design accommodates both blade height adjustments as well as varying stock thicknesses. While some blade guards seem to only get in the way, there is little reason to remove the guard other than for non-through cuts such as those made with a dado blade. When it does come time to remove, both the guard/splitter assembly and riving knife take advantage of a quick-release mechanism to make for easy changeovers.

We appreciate the decision to include both a splitter and riving knife. It cuts down on fuss associated with attaching the guard to the riving knife blade directly. The splitter and blade guard also feature a set of anti-kickback pawls that allow wood to move in only one direction–away from the operator. When not desirable, Shop Fox has kindly included the ability to lock the pawls off the table. This prevents them from engaging the workpiece.

Magnetic Power Switch

A magnetic switch with overload protection rounds out the safety features of the Shop Fox W1819. An included pin can lock out the saw from powering on when not in use. A large emergency shut off button is within easy reach from the operator’s position. In a pinch it is the perfect height to engage with a bump of the hip.

Dust Collection

The Shop Fox W1819 is designed for dust extraction systems capable of running 4-inch diameter hose. The hose attaches below the angle adjustment handwheel where it is largely out of the way. Some consideration here are the current arrangement of your shop’s dust collection system and whether or not you plan on installing a router table extension to this saw.

Dust extraction with a saw of this caliber is a must. Without a proper dust extraction system engaged, saw will kick up a notable amount of dust.

Shop Fox W1819 vs. Shop Fox W1820 vs. Shop Fox W1824

With several models to choose from and not much difference in the way of initial appearance, it’s worth distinguishing the Shop Fox W1819 from the Shop Fox W1820 and Shop Fox W1824.

We’ll start with the W1820 as the differences minimal. The W1820 boasts identical features to the W1819 save for a larger table top. On the W1820, the user can take advantage of 49 inches of clearance on the right side of the blade. This equates to about a 70% wider rip capacity.

The Shop Fox W1824, on the other hand, is a different beast. The W1824, despite its higher model number, actually steps down to the hybrid table saw category. The main point of departure is the 2HP motor of the W1824. The saw does sport a similar camlock T-fence and many of the same safety features as the W1819. The W1824 does not ship the the miter fence included with the 1819.

Shop Fox W1819 Review: The Verdict

After considering the Shop Fox W1819, there is plenty of praise to go around. For starters, attractive pricing puts it in range for those who otherwise would not consider a pricey alternative like Delta Unisaw or Powermatic PM2000.

While Shop Fox’s cabinet saw features some minor pain points, the quality of craftsmanship and effortless cutting power have us forgetting those as quickly as the W1819 rips through a board. Top it off with thoughtful safety features and a useful miter fence and you have all the makings of a top-notch table saw.

8.5 Total Score
All-Around Workhorse

Shop Fox's cabinet saw boasts rock-solid construction in combination with advanced safety features, pure cutting power, and smooth, accurate adjustments.

Build Quality
Cutting Power
Rip Fence
Mitre Gauge
Safety Features
  • Powerful 3HP motor
  • Included miter fence with adjustable flip stop
  • Safety features including riving knife and well-designed blade guard
  • Some play in the miter slot with included gauge
  • A few issues in assembly
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